Nora Sandoval returns to Trinity, Washington, in search of a father never known and trespasses not forgotten. Eighteen years before, Nora and her mother fled Trinity in the aftermath of a tragic forest fire. In their wake, loved ones were abandoned to deal with the consequences of broken friendships and generational rifts.

During a hiking trip, one misstep leads to Nora’s mysterious disappearance. Now, finding herself beyond help, she calls upon all her strength and ingenuity to stay alive. As authorities mount a search for the young woman, Nora becomes the catalyst in reuniting friends and family torn apart by past tragedies.

Played against a background of lost sons and daughters, fallen heroes, and interrupted lives, Nora must follow a path dictated by extraordinary courage and the will to survive. And beneath it all—in a place and time unimagined—she alone will discover the answer to questions thought lost forever.

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